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How high is this on your priority list? A cordless drill set. In our opinion, it should be very high up because most DIY jobs will simply turn out better when you have one of the best cordless drill options in your toolkit. It’s not only about the quality of workmanship that’s possible when you’re not hampered by wires. In addition, you’ll be able to work almost ANYWHERE. As a bonus, you’re even safer since there aren’t any chances of accidentally tripping on a wire. Can you imagine what you can achieve with one of these in your hand?

Of course, you can’t simply pick up any drill you find in the store. The experts say you must always consider three vital aspects: Power, torque, and speed. We present that and more below, after looking for some of your best options in the 2020 market. We even compared dimensions and weight. This has practical implications if you have limited space or if you’re a professional moving around on a worksite all the time. And let’s not forget about the importance of your warranty.

What impressed our test group even more however was how unique components simply stand out compared to other items on the market. The chuck grips firmer than most they’ve tried, even while it provides a very precise and smooth handling experience. That comes in handy even if you’re an amateur, as it helps you get the hang of your new tool effortlessly.

The brand puts together a very attractive package by giving you two batteries to enable you to function during long work days. To improve longevity the LED light even has a shut off feature to conserve energy, so after 20 minutes it will stop glowing. This light is brighter than on previous DeWalt models so it makes working in low light areas much easier than before.

Here you can see the designers meant business as you’re given a sturdily designed brushless cordless unit, but it’s surprisingly lightweight. Makita seems to have done its homework in all aspects.

At weight well below 3lb users use less energy and prevent unnecessary fatigue.

This kit also includes a bag, spacious enough to keep all your components such as a charger.

This drill’s range of speed is quite impressive so you can work on a range of materials without damaging the surface or your drill.

Here you have one purchase that does it all as Memphis gives you one of the best cordless drill sets, safely stored in a plastic case. The case is designed to house batteries and your charger so you always have everything you need on hand. The components are also protected from the effects of dust on a worksite. It even has a handle, making for easy carrying; very helpful when working on a large site.

This is a brushless motor set which means you get longer battery life and less energy loss compared to brushed versions.

This motor is capable of delivering 2000rpm, one of the highest ratings you’ll find on our list. That gives you more options in terms of the materials you can successfully work on. Even harder materials won’t be a problem to drill through.

Because it’s so powerful it can work for professionals, but it’s so easy to use that new DIYers will find it helpful too. The only thing we would have like: better warranty features.

This unit is decently priced and you still get advanced features such as an LED light, making this a great all rounder to consider.

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