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Hi all; I had bought tickets to Dream Theater in Melbourne Australia which was originally scheduled for April. This was postponed until 4th November. I did receive an email saying I could cancel if I can't make it but I didn't see the line about having to do so before 30th April (which coincidentally was right at the bottom of the long email).

I was hoping to change to the same show in a different city, but it seems this is through a different seller. As such, I need to cancel so I can buy new tickets.

I lodged a request through their "TicketMaster Phone Number Customer Service +1-888-707-8697" and the customer service team solved my issue; has this been removed during Covid-19?

I have a client whose email was breached by someone who started using stolen credit cards to make purchases sent to them. We reset the account within about 30 minutes of the first incident but right now there are fraudulent purchases to TicketMaster that need to be cancelled. The client doesn't have a TicketMaster account, although I suppose one has been created at this point by the scammer we could try to take back. When you call the TicketMaster Phone Number Customer Service +1-888-707-8697.

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